Welcome Chris Cole

Chris, first things first. Welcome to the Plan B Family! It has been a tradition since the initial start of Plan B that people have to be voted on by the Team. You were in our sights for some time. From leaving Zero to issuing your own boards, tell us the path that led to riding for Plan B.

After leaving Zero I didn't want to jump into anything. Starting a company or partnering with one was a huge decision for me. Having a signature board on the shelves while I was figuring out what to do was essential though. Getting to do a board all on my own was rad, but I knew that I ultimately wanted to find a company to partner with rather than start another company. I like that skaters can relate to a team and stand behind a team, not just an individual. Rushing to a team wasn't the goal though cause I want it to be my home and not just a stop off. Being a fan of Plan B's history and their present made it a very real option. After looking under the hood so to speak, liking how it was managed, and loving the team, it became a "when do we do this!?"

That rules man! You mentioned our history, our video history is heavy and second to none. Which Plan B video is your favorite?

Virtual reality is the video that really hit me below the belt. My formative years were in the early nineties, it's really where I developed a lot of who I am as a skater. That video played a huge part in my growth.

It seems Virtual Reality is on everyone's top 5 list if they have been around. There was no period in skateboarding where innovation was as high. Does one rider's part stand out as your favorite?

Rodney Mullen. He looks at a skateboard different than others. He saw skate-able options for the side, bottom, and the top of his board. I love all the dudes parts though. Duffy killed it so hard but not just going big. He also got super tech. Danny and Colin skated vert the way I like vert skated. They rip it, not like a snowboard pipe, but like a street shredder on a ramp.

Rodney's "The House that Rodney Built" ad for Plan B says it all. He invented practically every modern technical trick. Is there one Plan B rider past of present who had a direct influence on your skating today?

Again, Rodney is the most stand alone. He encouraged me personally. His parts made me skate how I do, but his kind words to me about my skating lit a fire. I met Rodney when I was 11. He was skating flat ground at a Sub Zero skate shop contest in Philadelphia. I skated with him and he was the coolest dude. I never forgot that.
Danny Way is Danny Way. Looking at him for inspiration is still a common occurrence for me. He committed to skateboarding like few (if any) have. I admire that. To push your sport forward cause you love skating, not all stunt work, but you love skateboarding itself. That is so rad!

It's hard to top Rodney and Danny, they are both living legends. As we mentioned before, you were voted on the Team by a squad of heavy hitters and legends. Looking forward what do you want to stand out as your contribution to the legacy of Plan B?

Great question. I want to bring even more future skating, as well as past accomplishments. I've always loved Plan B, and it's history. To be a part of Plan B is enough. I won't let that be it though. I wanna rip for the brand, design items for them, and inspire the next up and comers who want to ride for Plan B one day.

Great answer Chris, it's cool to see the motivation that keeps you going 100%. We push the envelope of board technology as well as progressive skateboarding. How is our Prospec construction treating you?

It's great man! Super snappy and lasting!!

Everyone on the Team spent so long perfecting the construction, it's a heavy favorite. Speaking of set ups, what are you running these days?

I am on my graphic 8.5 with 149 Thunders in the Black Bullseye. Spitfire Formula Fours in 50mm with Bones Swiss bearings (shields off). I have Grizzly Grip on upside down as I like the bear down at the back bolts area. I also ride my trucks really tight so I can pop right each time. So I throw Bones Hard bushings in my trucks. I use the washers from the thunder upgrade kits as well cause they are tough washers.

Everyone has their strange rituals for their set ups. For a dude your size I'm sure your trucks aren't as tight as you think. It's crazy how bigger boards are getting popular again, everything goes full circle. What do you think of how tricks are reverting back to wall rides, slappys, and step offs? A lot of more technical skaters consider it the "dumbing down" of skating.

It's natural to want the opposite of what you're fed day by day. If everyone is skating a flat bar only you'll wanna see some mini ramps. That's what it is, and it's fun. It's more fun to Wallride than sit for two days on a frustrating tech trick. The tech feels more rewarding in the end though, so I think it's nice to have a balance of the two.

That's another thing about skating that makes it so unique, we have such a huge bag of tricks and spots to choose from. It nice to break certain molds. With Plan B, we really are about the "More Family Than Team" vibe. How has it been skating with the crew?

Man, it's so awesome to hang with these dudes. I've been friends with the guys but all on separate trips. I can't wait to tour with the whole crew!!

 Your new models are hitting the shops, what was the process of starting fresh with a new company graphics wise? You had a blank slate so do you feel you tried something new or more of a reboot on classic Cole designs?

I wanted to be me but with a new art department and therefore a new art departure. It's been a blast getting way way involved with my ideas.

 It came together rad! What is your favorite Cole board out of the four? The "Riot" board is straight fire!

That's the one man!!!! It really is simple but more than enough to be hyped every time I look at my board. It's so cool to have a Plan B board!!

 Agreed! The Plan B logo with your name under it just makes sense. That Front Blunt with the guys watching, full shot of your board, that's the goods. What does 2015 have in store for Chris Cole?

It's gonna be a busy year!! I can't wait to announce this partnership. I couldn't be more hyped that I am now on the legendary Plan B.

We are proud to have you on the Team Chris, it going to be a hell of a year! -ERL

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