Sal Barbier Plan B alumni Reissue

We are proud to offer the first Plan B alumni model by Sal Barbier. -

Salvador Lucas Barbier was already locked in as one of the best and a skater's favorite skater, then his Plan B Questionable part dropped. From the trick selection to the music, it was an instant classic. In a dreadful time of slow skating and sloppy flicks, Sal skated with speed and style helping to make Questionable forever a game changer to this day.
Style is synonymous with the name Sal Barbier. From his skating, legendary graphics, clothing designs, to his iconic signature footwear we are proud to offer his Plan B alumni "Polo" model. Based on his original shape and graphics from 1994. Limited to 223 boards, hand screened, and enclosed with a print of SLB from photographer Lance Dawes. -ERL
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